Micah Cowan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Could you be more specific? AFAICT, wget.h #includes the system headers
> it needs. Considering the config-post.h stuff went at the top of the
> sysdep.h, sysdep.h is already at the top of wget.h,

OK, it should work then.  The reasoning behind my worrying is the
following: in some (rare) cases, you need to make decisions and define
preprocessor *before* including anything.  In other cases, you need to
base the decisions on the contents of header files, *after* having
included everything.  Case #1 used to be handled by config-post.h (and
in some cases config.h), and case #2 by sysdep.h.  You have now merged
them, which I don't necessarily see as a good thing.

> working fine on my system (passes "make distcheck", which is _quite_
> rigorous)

That rigor has nothing to do with portability, though.  It only
demonstrates that Wget correctly builds on *your* system.

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