Ian Hickson wrote:
> [bcc'ed previous participants in this discussion]
> Earlier this year I asked for use cases that HTML5 did not yet cover, with 
> an emphasis on use cases relating to semantic microdata. I list below the 
> use cases and requirements that I derived from the response to that 
> request, and from related discussions.
> My primary concern right now is in making sure that these are indeed the 
> use cases people care about, so that whatever we add to the spec can be 
> carefully evaluated to make sure it is in fact solving the problems that 
> we want solving.

I've looked over the list a couple of times and it's a good introduction
to the problem space. For those that are new to the discussion, some of
these use cases are covered in more depth on the RDFa wiki[1]. The RDFa
wiki includes example markup and Javascript pseudo-code describing
consuming applications, but only for a few of the use cases. I'm
elaborating on one use case every day until all of them are done (it
should take about a month at this rate).

Ian, would it help if I continue to elaborate on the RDFa use cases on
the RDFa wiki? Or perhaps, I could merge these use cases into the RDFa
wiki and elaborate on the WHATWG micro-data use cases first? I'd like to
focus my effort on something that will benefit /both/ WHATWG and the
RDFa community. Thoughts?

-- manu

[1] http://rdfa.info/wiki/rdfa-use-cases

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