On 1/28/10 10:06 PM, Kit Grose wrote:
1) Should be convenient for authors to make any element in a page display 
2) Should support in-page activation UI for discoverability
3) Should support changing the layout of the element when you enter/exit 
fullscreen mode. For example, authors probably want some controls to be fixed 
size while other content fills the screen.
4) Should accommodate potential UA security concerns, e.g. by allowing the 
transition to fullscreen mode to happen asynchronously after the user has 
confirmed permission

A couple of points:

Regarding point 1, surely any fullscreen API should only support block-level 

Block-level in what sense? <img> is not block-level in any sense; One could argue that <video> and <object> are "block-level" in HTML terms, but it's context-dependent (they can contain blocks if their parent can). None of these are block-level in the CSS sense, by default.


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