> Block-level in what sense?  <img> is not block-level in any sense; One 
> could argue that <video> and <object> are "block-level" in HTML terms, 
> but it's context-dependent (they can contain blocks if their parent 
> can).  None of these are block-level in the CSS sense, by default.

True, but surely saying "any element" opens the door to full-screening inline 
text elements (e.g <span> elements).

Looking at a few lists of all inline elements in HTML, there aren't any except 
<img> (except perhaps form inputs/textareas) that should obviously be permitted 
this sort of full-screen capability (without first being defined as "display: 

I suppose the native style being "position: fixed" would put those elements in 
a block formatting context anyway, but what implications might that have for 
things like table cells/table rows being made full-screen?


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