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> Patrick Dark
> > I can't see this being addressed. The only good reason to distribute an
> application this way is because you want it to be confidential and there's
> no incentive to accommodate what one might call "walled gardens"
> in HTML because they naturally have a limited audience.
> Bingo. This mailing list is for developing technology for the world wide
> web, not for peoples' local computers.

That is one perspective of the world wide web.  But perhaps not a
perceptive shared by all.

Another view which I think is held by many, is that you should equally be
able to access public data on the web, data in the cloud and persona data
on your machine.

> You can use the same technology that people use on the web for local app
> development---many people do, e.g. Apache Cordova, Microsoft's
> Metro/Modern/UWP apps, or GitHub's Electron. But all those technologies are
> outside the standards process, and in general are not the focus of browser
> vendors in developing their products (which are, like the standards
> process, focused on the web). The same is true of file: URLs.
Yes, Im currently using Electron for this.  But would much prefer to use
the browser.  If there are browser have this restriction, I'd simply like a
way to turn it off.  It's a heavily requested feature, why wouldnt an open
source browser not be a suitable target for such an improvement (and
thereby gain market share).

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