> so what you want is instead of url doing this:
> /mytree
> <click> 
> /app?wicket:interface=....
> to do this
> /mytree
> <click>
> /mytree?wicket:interface=....
> is this correct? and if so...

Yes, that's exactly correct!

> i proposed this awhile back, and i think we decided not to proceed
> because it made url decoding harder. maybe we should reconsider. 
> what are your reasons for wanting this type of behavior?

I want my tree to be stateless: I don't want to have to use sessions. At
the same time, I want nice, bookmarkable URLs (including the parameters,
if possible, but I haven't got that far yet).

So, the default state of the tree (all nodes collapsed) should simply
link to
while the tree in any other state should link to

I just noticed the same problem with another mounted page. If I try to
used the bookmarkable url, it don't work. :-(

Please let me know what you decide to do. My vote is definitely to allow
parameters with bookmarkable urls.

Thank you!

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