I'm currently dealing with a summary list of items, which each have a
link to a detail page where I'm displaying the basic info plus some
additional info.
i.e. "Id, Name, Start, End, Status" sort of thing, with the "Id" being
a link to the detail page.

The link's a Bookmarkable one, passing the id as a param to the Detail
page, but that means that the detail page has to itself obtain the
basic info from the DB.  If BookmarkablePageLink's onClick wasn't
final, I would have considered overriding it to pass the ModelObject I
had across instead, while leaving the link to be bookmarked as it is

Is there anything simple[*] I'm missing that could give the desired
result, or should I just leave it be & get on with some real work! :-)


[*] I say simple, as the re-read of the data's not a complex SQL call
and it's /probably/ in the DB driver's cache anyway

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