On 05/08/06, Eelco Hillenius <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The key thing about bookmarkable pages is that they can be constructed
> directly/ without the need to have a session upfront/ without having
> to rely on other pages. This means that the URL is the only thing that
> is available for a bookmarkable page.

Yes, I've got that, thanks, it's just that there are two way I might
arrive there, one being the normal case, arriving 'cold'.  The other,
though, where I just happened to have the information it would need
'to hand', lead me to wonder if there was a way to pass it while
keeping the bookmarkable feature...

> Think whether you need that detail page to be bookmarkable... do you
> expect users to actually bookmark it or have some reason to directly
> want to access that page/

In this case, yes, I probably would, or at least the convienience of
doing so is worth the extra DB call in this case!  It's not going to
be a high-volume app!


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