On 8/25/06, Igor Vaynberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> i might be totally missing something - but dont you need a special servlet
> container that maintains open socket separate from threads by using nio?
> like jetty 6? and then once you have that you need to use that servlet
> container's special api to do this?

Yeah, I think so too. Isn't that why our issue
 Lorin if you are interested in it, feel free to open that issue
again) is specifically for Jetty?

> with the current architecture if you have a hundred clients doing comet you
> will have a hundred threads - not so good.

Yeah. What do you think Lorin? Is there something we might have missed
from e.g. DWR? An alternative for your use case that would work today
is AJAX polling. Comet style afaik is an optimization of this polling


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