On 25.8.2006, at 19.43, Eelco Hillenius wrote:

>> with the current architecture if you have a hundred clients doing  
>> comet you
>> will have a hundred threads - not so good.
> Yeah. What do you think Lorin? Is there something we might have missed
> from e.g. DWR? An alternative for your use case that would work today
> is AJAX polling. Comet style afaik is an optimization of this polling
> anyway.

Yeah, it's an optimization, and for testing/small amounts of users  
servlet based approach is a good start. I have done some comet stuff  
with servlets and Apache MINA based http server as an alternative  
(jetty6 was not available when I did that).

It's a good idea to do drivers for different transports anyway.


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