- Java code is MUCH cleaner with WO, you keep in code only data pushed in the
presentation layer and actions. No need to add components and configure them in
java code.

how is this MUCH cleaner? just because there is no code? you can say code for a framework that is configured via xml is also cleaner because there isnt any configuration code.

- Components are declared in HTML, configured in another file, binding
(configuring) the component with the java class. This approach need tools, WO
has some nice tools for this. That's why Tapestry is not even close to WO here.

tapestry has spindle which is a pretty cool eclipse plugin that takes care of java/component declaration/html and validates all three as well.

but this is for me where the problem is - if your components are delcared declaratively then you cannot have dynamic page structures. eg switching panels around, moving panels. this was one of the reasons i switched away from tapestry.



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