it really sucks that WO forces threadsafety onto the user when deployed as a java app. that is something we work hard on in wicket - to shield the users - because lets face it threadsafety is one of the most error prone tasks in coding.

For example, I'm thinking of some pages sometimes that contains tons of little
dynamic "label" (or WOString ;)). In a declarative way, you don't need to
factorize these in a new component. With Wicket, we usually factorize these in a
custom Panel to keep the page class clean.

if it is not really reusable and you just want to tidy things up you can use an inner WebMarkupContainer class instead of a panel - that way no need for a separate html file.

if you have something small that is reused within the page/panel often then you can use a Fragment - also no need for a separate markup file.

Off topic, are there other Web Mailinglist reader than gmane, its posting form
is driving me crazy.



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