sure, this is possible. With wicket you don't have to put a single thing 
in your web directory or WEB-INF (except of course declaring one wicket 
servlet (or filter in wicket 2) in web.xml).

All resources can be stored in classpath. Markup files (html) for 
components and pages are stored in classpath next to the component / 
pages classes.

Resources such as javascripts and css can be stored in classpath too you 
can use (Compressed)PackageResourceReference and HeaderContributor.

Take a look at wicket-examples to see how to use those.


aaime74 wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to develop an app that sports fully modular web ui, that
> is, one that allows the developer/user to simply drop jars in the classpath
> to get new functionality.
> The idea is to have the ui split into maven modules, and keep everything
> in the classpath. Extension points can be provided by each module by
> looking in a spring context for implementors of certain interfaces (these
> could be factories, or simply WebPage subclasses declared as "prototype"
> beans).
> Now, I'm wondering how one could handle modules that are mostly
> static, that is, made of static pages, javascripts, images and the like,
> given the fact that I don't want to put stuff in WEB-INF.
> Is there an easy way to work with these? I know I can refer to in-classpath 
> resources from Components, but what about a network of static html
> pages that do refer css, images and so on, for example javascript apps like
> openlayers (http://openlayers.org/). Can i stick them into the classpath as
> well?
> Best regards
> Andrea Aime
> PS: I do want to keep everything among the sources because I don't
> want to rely on a build time file copy just to gather up the required
> files from the various WEB-INFs that I could locate in each module.
> Just have the web module depend on what you think you need and
> run it, done :-)

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