Hi All,

I'm new to Wicket and I'm trying to evaluate. Haven't had a chance to
fully dive in, so excuse me if this question seems basic.

Say I have several different sites with their own designs, and I want
to use the same basic WebPage/Panel/Application classes. Ideally, each
site would be deployable as a war file. How might I package different
HTML per war to accomplish this?

The examples I've seen have the HTML pages in the same directory as
the corresponding Page class. How does Wicket locate the appropriate
HTML page for each Page class?

Question 2: if I were to use a Wicket/Spring/Hibernate (JPA) stack, I
assume using the old trick of using a Servlet Filter to implement the
'One Hibernate Session per Request' trick still applies? Is there a
better pattern for Wicket to handle lazy loading problems?

Thanks in advance, and kudos to your exciting new framework.


- Patrick

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