hi again,

a little more information:
I am trying to create something a little like Archetypes for Zope.
This will allow a site admin to create new types of components based
on others previously created (although the very base types, Axioms,
are Wicket Components).
I'm struggling a little with the markup cache, however i was wondering
if i could use the page revision interface for this.
my dynamic components can have multiple states, edit and view. if i
recorded the changes made to the component in each state, could i then
access them using the revision mechanism? where each revision
corresponded to a state?

Thanks in advance

On 03/09/06, Tim Fletcher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> in Wicket 1.2.2, is there any way of manually refreshing the markup
> cache. I know this has been discused previously, and methods for doing
> this in 2.0 (and perhaps 1.3) have been discused.
> The markup for my compenents is being generated by a database, and I
> would like to be able to tell wicket when a components markup has
> changed.
> Thanks in advance

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