It looks to be a combination of adding the CSS classes to your .css file

.litupRow {

.litupRowOver  {
        background-color: #FFFF66;
        cursor: pointer;

 and the JavaScript to set the class in the markup.
e.g. in SearchPage.html

<tr wicket:id="results" class="litupRow"

I'm not sure enought of CSS and tables to be able to say if there's
going to be any issues with trying to have both this and the Odd/Even
classes working in the table row, though!


On 06/09/06, Thomas Küchenthal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have implemented a Page where I use the DefaultDataTable to display a
> list of data. It is inspired by the Phonebook example and works perfect.
> Now I have seen the cdapp example from wicket-contrib and I like the
> mouse-over effect when I move the mouse over the table. How can I
> implement such an effect in my Page?
> Thanks in advance
> /thomas

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