Igor Vaynberg wrote:
> ok, should be fixed in 1.2.3, you can try the wicket-1.x branch now if
> you want
Thanks! I can wait for version 1.2.3 since the problem is not that
critical for us.
> for the versioning to work properly though you need to remember
> changes done against your dataprovider because it keeps its own state
> that needs to be rolled back. attached is the submitlinkpage.java that
> shows you how to do that.
Thanks for the example. It is getting more and more clear to me how
versioning and back button support works.
> -Igor
By the way, I am really impressed about this mailinglist (and about
wicket!).  We are developing a commercial application with it and it
would be nice to post a link to it on the wiki when it is finished.

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