>  > At this stage of the project we are just researching which options 
> > current popular CMS systems
> I think you should first pick a target audience and then 
> model your CMS towards that group of users with their application.
Agree to disagree :)
The few stars in the flood of available CMS systems have shown that a
generalized approach IS possible. And especially with wicket it should
be a breeze to individualize whatever you guys (Ted and Rick) come up
with at the end of your project - if it is nice and abstract.
If you focus too much on one group of users, in my experience you end up
being stuck or having to write ugly workarounds once you want something
a little more exotic.

On the other hand - and since wicket is in itself such a clean and
flexible framework - being too abstract will have you end up with
writing not very much at all since all the functionality is basically
already 'there'.

Just as always, it's a fine line - enjoy walking it! :)

// Che

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