Comments for the strings and unit names. When renaming units, we should also 
rename their internal names and bzr mv their directories to match. Make sure to 
grep so that we won't miss anything! I'd be happy to take care of these 
technical bits for this.

Also, make sure that you don't use ´ as an apostrophe - the correct character 
is ’. You can gernerate it by typing a' into a word processing program, which 
will then produce a’.

· Tavern: I think the tooltip "Skipped preparing a ration because site has 
fruit or bread and site has smoked meat or smoked fish" will sound weird; I´d 
prefer "preparing only one ration" here, so it is clear that the tavern only 
skipped this working program because it can produce two rations at once

Since these messages are generated automatically and can't be changes, agreed. 
Let'S change it back to "only one ration"

· Woodcutter´s house: A copy-paste error, should be set to 

Please check the other buildings too! You have a lot of them.

· Basic Sword: Rename to "Short Sword"?
  Helptext suggestion: "This is the basic weapon of the Frisian soldiers. 
Together with a fur garment, it makes up the equipment of young soldiers. Short 
swords are produced by the small armor smithy."
· Needles helptexts: Are you sure cloth shouldn´t be mentioned as a ware made 
by a seamstress?

Sure, you know more about your tribe than I do, so please feel free to edit 
again :)

· Reindeer helptext: That´s a bit misleading, as you can´t produce fur from 
existing reindeer. The reindeer farm either recruits a new reindeer, or 
produces fur (and meat) without touching the reindeer population.

Agreed, let's remove it - it's the Reindeer Farm helptext that still needs to 
mention meat.

· Recycling centre helptext: It might be more accurate to say "recycles old 
weapon and armor parts that have been discarded by training sites", as the 
amount of scrap metal produced is equal to the equipment the soldier was using 
until he received the latest upgrade


· Water helptext: You introduced a new typo there ;)

And the typo is... I can't find it in the current version. Did you fix it 

· Buildings Seamstress and Master Seamstress: Perhaps "Sewing Room" for the 
basic form and "Tailor´s Shop" for the enhanced version?

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