Some changes to the first scenario:
· After the time with no objective, the next one should be triggered quite soon 
· Iron mine, blacksmithy and furnace become available earlier, so they can be 
built as soon as the first tavern objective is complete
· If the portspace is blocked when the enemy is defeated, it is cleared of 
trees etc
· Shortly before the player finds the gold mountain, the advisor tells him to 
build warehouses near the eastern border frequently to shorten transport times
· More decoration to the map

The advisor´s hints what to do about shortages of bricks, reed etc are only 
hints but no objectives, so they don´t appear in the list. Also, they should be 
fairly obvious (no reed → build a reed farm), and their purpose is only to make 
sure the player notices the shortage.
The enemy is not allowed to recruit or train soldiers until the player has his 
first supersoldier, else he might become too strong. It is possible for the 
player to defeat the enemy without having a level 10 soldier, in which case the 
scenario will continue straight with the flood, but as this isn´t recommended 
it isn´t mentioned to the player.

The basic sword, seamstress and master seamstress have been renamed to short 
sword, sewing room and tailor´s shop, this breaks all frisian savegames again…
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