Dear wien users

I am interested to calculate the transport properties using BoltzTrap
via wien2k.
I installed Bolztrap successfully. When we run it in a folder we need
some values (given below) for a file named case.intrans which is
necessary. Plz help me by telling that from which files we Can find
these values. these values are mentioned in above file as
0.38314 0.0005 1.0   120.0     # Fermilevel (Ry), energygrid, energy
span around Fermilevel, number of electrons

5                         # lpfac, number of latt-points per k-point

.15                       # (efcut) energy range of chemical potential

-1.                       # energyrange of bands given individual DOS
output sig_xxx and dos_xxx (xxx is band number)

I will be highly obliged and thanks in advance.

Kind regard
Dr R P Singh
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