The script uses     tput bold   and   tput sgr0
to switch between normal and bold output.

On all computers where I have access, this works, but of course there might be some Linux installation where it does not.

Usually it needs   terminfo  capability and the definition of a TERM.

You can always test it directly in a terminal, typing "tput bold", and then see if you then get everything in bold.

The strange symbols should not matter, but if you don't like them, either fix your Linux, or modify init_lapw setting bold and normal

set bold=
set normal=

On 12/20/2016 11:45 PM, Martin Kroeker wrote:
[1m init_lapw finished ok (B;[m
this seems strange, but does not give a problem

Apparently somebody thought it would be a good idea to include control
characters to switch portions of the script output to boldface ? Either your
terminal (emulation) program does not support the control sequences used
or - more likely - these got mangled so that only the printable portions
of them are shown verbatim.
Try editing the init_lapw script, close to its start you will find a
comment heading "functions & subroutines". One of the entries there
starts with "alias outputscreen" - change the word "echo" on that line
to read "echo -e" (which tells the "echo" tool to pass along any control
characters in the text it is given to emit)


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