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It can be a config setting, which WMF can leave disabled on its wikis if it

Why do we need a thanks log at all, when it comes right down to it? Its
creation was probably motivated by the wiki-philosophy that (almost) everything
should be transparent and that it's better to make (almost) as much information
as possible publicly available. If we're going to do that much, we may as well
take it to its logical conclusion.

I would favor making it possible for users to comment when performing any
logged action (including marking pages patrolled) so that others don't need to
ask, "Why did you do that?" to know the rationale. It's helpful to have the
relevant info displayed right there in Special:Log rather than scattered across
various user talk pages, etc. Users who don't want to include a comment don't
need to, unless there's a norm requiring it. This can vary from wiki to wiki.

The downside might be that users might put Thank comments such as, "Thank you
very much for this edit; I like your thinking here. I do have one minor
quibble, which in some respects is connected to my larger theory concerning the
implications of ..." Then it would be better to just add a talk page message,
because that's likely the beginning of a back-and-forth dialog that will end up
taking place on a talk page anyway. Readers will want to know what the first
message in that exchange was. It could be copied and pasted into the talk page,
though, in such cases. It might be useful to have an option, in viewing one's
incoming "Thanks" notification, to get a permalink to the publicly viewable log
entry. (I guess there's no logging.log_id parameter to Special:Log?

These same arguments could be raised with reference to other log actions, e.g.
what if someone blocks a user and puts a log comment such as "Repeated personal
attacks at [[Talk:Foo]] and [[Talk:Bar]]"; this too could lead to a dialog
taking place on a talk page in which it will not be possible for readers to
know the original log comment that led to the conversation without viewing
Special:Log. There are some wikis, e.g. RationalWiki, in which a lot of
back-and-forth dialog takes place by means of block log comments that people
view in RecentChanges.

I could probably do the backend stuff (database queries, etc.) needed to
implement this option, but regrettably, my javascript-fu isn't all that great.
I tried grepping around for some dialog code in other extensions I could adapt
to implement the desired UI change but didn't see anything right off the bat.
I'll continue looking, and maybe take the W3Schools JS tutorial or something.

I don't see this as the type of situation in which the status should be changed
to UNCONFIRMED, since it's confirmed that Thanks currently lacks the feature.
It doesn't seem appropriate to WONTFIX either, since it's an extension feature
request that can be switched on or off by means of a config setting. Even if
it's deemed unsuitable for putting in the Thanks extension, it can be
implemented by forking the code to create a new extension.

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