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> Exactly that. Especially in various cultures, or amongst certain personality
> types, where it might be considered rude not to acknowledge a
> personally-written-note. 

So when people get a thank-you card in those cultures, they feel the need to
reply? That must have really swelled the postal services' and phone companies'
coffers before email came along. :)

> (Yes, there has already been a feature request for a "Thanks for that
> thanks!"
> button :)

It's already customary in a lot of cultures to say "you're welcome", "my
pleasure", "no problem", etc., so that button theoretically might not be such a
bad idea. On the other hand, then one is burdening the recipient of the thanks
with the job of hitting that button, which might deter some people from
thanking. But, if someone were to want to implement it as an optional
functionality that could be left disabled by those who don't want it, why not.

> "Thanks" isn't perfect for everyone, but the more we mold it further in any
> particular direction, the less of a "simple friendly thanks" it becomes. I
> personally like it kept simple.

That's why commenting should probably be enabled or disabled by a config
setting. I would like to test it out on my wikis and see what effect it has,
but others can leave it disabled.

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