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> Why do we need a thanks log at all, when it comes right down to it? Its
> creation was probably motivated by the wiki-philosophy that (almost)
> everything
> should be transparent and that it's better to make (almost) as much
> information
> as possible publicly available. If we're going to do that much, we may as
> well
> take it to its logical conclusion.

Alternatively, there is bug 55428 :Remove all logging for the Thanks extension

> The downside might be that users might put Thank comments such as, "Thank you
> very much for this edit; I like your thinking here. I do have one minor
> quibble, which in some respects is connected to my larger theory concerning
> the
> implications of ..." Then it would be better to just add a talk page message,
> because that's likely the beginning of a back-and-forth dialog that will end
> up
> taking place on a talk page anyway.

Exactly that. Especially in various cultures, or amongst certain personality
types, where it might be considered rude not to acknowledge a

(Yes, there has already been a feature request for a "Thanks for that thanks!"
button :)

Also, some people feel obliged to fill in "context boxes", so might use
"Thanks" less if that appeared.

"Thanks" isn't perfect for everyone, but the more we mold it further in any
particular direction, the less of a "simple friendly thanks" it becomes. I
personally like it kept simple.

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