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> > (Yes, there has already been a feature request for a "Thanks for that
> > thanks!"
> > button :)
> It's already customary in a lot of cultures to say "you're welcome", "my
> pleasure", "no problem", etc., so that button theoretically might not be
> such a
> bad idea. On the other hand, then one is burdening the recipient of the
> thanks
> with the job of hitting that button, which might deter some people from
> thanking. But, if someone were to want to implement it as an optional
> functionality that could be left disabled by those who don't want it, why
> not.

Exactly. It is again creating something that some people will feel obligated to

Also, it would lead to hurt feelings, or thoughts of "did they even see my
thanks?", if the recipient /doesn't/ then utilize the "thanks for the thanks"

(I do grok the good potential of the idea; but I can also clearly see the
downsides. I'm just noting them, in case you or anyone else hadn't. :)

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