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--- Comment #2 from Ryan Schmidt <> ---
I don't see exactly how the two are exactly the same. You gave a dictionary
definition that doesn't prove or disprove your case and (what appears to me as)
an inflammatory response to a perfectly valid question. Just because you have
(WMF) in your name and MZMcBride doesn't mean that you hold some sort of
authority over what bugs are valid and what aren't, open up your viewpoint a

For me, and I think many web designers, typography refers to the font and
font-related styles (font size, line height, etc.). It does *not* refer to how
things are visually laid out on the page (which includes padding, margins, link
styles, etc.).

I tried out the typography refresh myself earlier, but disabled it because it
messed with things like link styles in the sidebar, sidebar width, and various
other things that proved to be rather annoying. If these changes are
intentional along with your "typography refresh", then MZMcBride is correct in
that the name of the feature is misleading, as it includes other changes beyond
the font.

Reopening this bug as it is perfectly valid -- either split off the layout
changes to a separate feature, or stop calling the feature "typography
refresh". And Jared, please get off your high horse. Before simply closing this
again because you don't like it and it's your-way-or-the-highway, try providing
valid reasoning for what you say (and no, dictionary definitions don't count. A
"valid reason" would be something like "The layout changes are included with
the font changes because [insert reason on why they two sets of changes should
be bundled] and if they were not included, then [insert downside that would
happen if only one change were enabled without the other]").

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