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(In reply to comment #4)
> This is a fricking /beta feature/. If it was a core feature that was live in
> production I could understand a bug but it's a fricking /beta feature/ -
> freedom of expression reigns. We are trying out ideas, innovating which is
> sometimes uncomfortable. Are you really suggested we waste man hours on a
> rename and discussing silly bugs like this? This kind of thing stifles
> innovation and was the exact reason BetaFeatures was created. I hope if some
> community member launches a BetaFeature (which they can and I encourage them
> to do so in the VectorBeta extension) has a crazy idea you won't open bugs
> against it repelling their ideas.

In your mind, the idea is to create beta features, but never improve them? I
don't think that's a very sensible approach.

> Please respect my decision to resolve this as invalid as the /ONLY/ existing
> developer on this product.

Perhaps you're the _only_ developer due to your poor "this is MINE!" attitude.
You asked to not be involved with this issue, which I can respect. But you then
came along and _inserted yourself_ into this bug report by copying yourself on
it and changing the bug's status, without addressing comment 2 or comment 0.
This isn't appropriate behavior.

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