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--- Comment #4 from Jon <> ---
MZ. This bug can only lead me to the conclusion that you are being a troll.

This is a fricking /beta feature/. If it was a core feature that was live in
production I could understand a bug but it's a fricking /beta feature/ -
freedom of expression reigns. We are trying out ideas, innovating which is
sometimes uncomfortable. Are you really suggested we waste man hours on a
rename and discussing silly bugs like this? This kind of thing stifles
innovation and was the exact reason BetaFeatures was created. I hope if some
community member launches a BetaFeature (which they can and I encourage them to
do so in the VectorBeta extension) has a crazy idea you won't open bugs against
it repelling their ideas.

Marking a bug as easy is basically saying to a new developer - you can work on
this and it will get merged! This is a huge lie and totally misleading. I will
never merge any fix to this bug for the reasons stated by Jared and me

You usually are much more helpfu when it comes to bug reports, managing to wade
through the bullshit and get to the real core of problems but I'm disappointed
with your attitude recently and can only conclude you have some vendetta
against me. If this is true I'd rather you were more professional and discussed
this with me/others over e-mail than via Bugzilla at the expense of pulling
volunteers into this.

Please respect my decision to resolve this as invalid as the /ONLY/ existing
developer on this product. I really don't want to waste a volunteers time when
there are so many more bugs on Bugzilla that are marked as easy that need fixes
than this. Surely as a volunteer you have some knowledge of how disheartening
it can be to work on a bug that gets -2ed. I dealt with this situation last
week, and luckily I managed to persuade a new volunteer despite being
completely demotivated to stick with us. Let's not foster such an environment
please. You are much more intelligent than that... Please channel your useful
energy into other more constructive causes?

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