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> The need to quantify the impact has not gone away. My contention is that the
> "when in doubt, load font" strategy taken by UniversalLanguageSelector is the
> wrong strategy to take, and that its impact on user experience is severe.
> I therefore ask for the team's permission and support to disable font loading
> temporarily, so we can collect enough data to estimate the impact of
> UniversalLanguageSelector on site performance. This would provide us with the
> data we need to determine whether the extension's architecture needs to be
> revisited.

It seems certain that doing this will lead to some predictable results:
* People who hate it will rebel to prevent turning web fonts back on
* People who most need web fonts will have their user experience severely
impacted during the test
* Because the acceptable impact has not been defined, the estimated impact is
judged to be severe enough to justify rollback
* If the regression is not fixed first, we will be comparing no web fonts to
too much web fonts.

You might be able to prevent web font functionality by short-circuiting apply
and load methods in lib/jquery.webfonts.js. This is however untested and will
leave the font selection UI visible, but non-functional.

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