--- Comment #38 from Niklas Laxström <> ---
English is included in the CDB files.

You are proposing following kind of logic:
for x in language_fallback_chain:
  use DB/x if it exists
  use CDB/x if it exists

The problem with this is that it removes the ability to override site messages.

I can't remember now whether we chose "DB/x" (x is the content language) or
"DB" (the MediaWiki page without a language code) to be the place for site
overrides. Which ever it is, lets call it OVERRIDE. We must ensure that if
OVERRIDE is present, CDB translations are ignored. We have tried to achieve
this by the order we check messages. Other option would be to do simple if
clause: if OVERRIDE exists, do not use CDB.

I would be okay with this kind of logic:
for x in language-fallback-chain:
  use DB/x if it exists
  use CDB/x if it exists unless OVERRIDE exists

This would be complementary solution usable by wikiadmins to my solution for
server admins: . Both allow achieving
the same thing: do not use incompatible translations if the message content
semantics have changed.

If you still bear with me: one of the reasons for the current state of affairs
that CDB flattens the language fallback chain so that we do not know what
language we actually get from it. It looks like this is going to change with: . After that it is possible to
implement the logic above.

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