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> English is included in the CDB files.

Ah yes you are right. I forgot about that piece of code in LocalisationCache.

> You are proposing following kind of logic:
> for x in language_fallback_chain:
>   use DB/x if it exists
>   use CDB/x if it exists
> The problem with this is that it removes the ability to override site
> messages.

What do you mean "override site messages"? As in you want a message that, if
set, overrides all languages and takes ultimate precedence?

> I can't remember now whether we chose "DB/x" (x is the content language) or
> "DB" (the MediaWiki page without a language code) to be the place for site
> overrides. Which ever it is, lets call it OVERRIDE. We must ensure that if
> OVERRIDE is present, CDB translations are ignored. We have tried to achieve
> this by the order we check messages. Other option would be to do simple if
> clause: if OVERRIDE exists, do not use CDB.

Right now, the page DB/x, where x is the content language, does absolutely
nothing. MessageCache will never check the language-specific subpage for the
content language.

> I would be okay with this kind of logic:
> for x in language-fallback-chain:
>   use DB/x if it exists
>   use CDB/x if it exists unless OVERRIDE exists

I'm still a little bit unclear about exactly what you want the OVERRIDE message
to do. You're saying if it exists the CDB is ignored, but does this message
ever get chosen as the actual message?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but here's what I think you're proposing (for full
demonstration purposes, let's assume that the user language it fit with
fallback fi and the site language is de_at with fallback de):

If OVERRIDE exists:
DB/fit -> DB/fi -> DB/en -> OVERRIDE
If OVERRIDE does not exist:
DB/fit -> CDB/fit -> DB/fi -> CDB/fi -> DB/en -> CDB/en -> DB/de_at ->
CDB/de_at -> DB/de -> CDB/de -> DB/en -> CDB/en

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