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> Yes. In comment 13 it was called "customisations that should override
> standard
> translations" as opposed to "tweaks". Simple example of override:
> [[m:MediaWiki:Histlegend]] stores links to external tools and used to do so
> in
> all languages (overriding default translations). Example of tweak: someone in
> wants to replace "rollback" with "roll back" in English, no reason
> for
> this to hide all translations.

OK, so the functionality you are looking for is you want to change the way the
base page is treated.

The language subpages are just tweaks and have priority right before the CDB of
that language, and not higher. And then the base page is treated as a complete
override, taking precedence over all CDB messages regardless of language code.

My last question is this: which do you want to have a higher priority,
overrides or language tweaks? In other words, if requesting a message in fit,
and DB/ and DB/fit both exist, which takes precedence? Another way to word this
question is should the base page take precedence over *all* translations, or
only over CDB translations?

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