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> OK, so the functionality you are looking for is you want to change the way
> the
> base page is treated.

No. It doesn't need to be the base page. The solution agreed upon is that the
override would be in the content language subpage, MediaWiki:<key>/en on a wiki
with en as wiki language.

> The language subpages are just tweaks and have priority right before the CDB
> of
> that language, and not higher. And then the base page is treated as a
> complete
> override, taking precedence over all CDB messages regardless of language
> code.

Yes, this would be option 2 in comment 13 if I understand correctly what you're

> My last question is this: which do you want to have a higher priority,
> overrides or language tweaks? In other words, if requesting a message in fit,
> and DB/ and DB/fit both exist, which takes precedence? Another way to word
> this
> question is should the base page take precedence over *all* translations, or
> only over CDB translations?

Assuming our "DB/" is "A/en" of comment 13 and "DB/fit" is "A/fit", in the
example of comment 13 and assuming they both exist, DB/fit takes precedence: in
option 1 DB/ comes later and in option 2 it's not even checked. 

This makes sense because otherwise customisations would be untranslatable,
while (in my example) one may well want to translate the MediaWiki:Histlegend
customisation too, on a multilingual wiki. They may get out of sync on the wiki
but it's their responsibility to fix. Both options also satisfy Liangent's
requirement in bug 1495 comment 34 (after the /zh-* subpages are deleted).

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