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> What is revealed is that an edit existed
> at a
> certain place in page history and what timestamp it had

(Also the size of
> the revision - as in number of bytes - but I don't think this
came up as an
> issue in the discussions)

Thanks very much for your responses, Alex.  

I of course assumed that tests were done somewhere or other and were verified
independently to ensure that the script worked properly, and you have confirmed

Nonetheless, I strongly encourage an advance communication strategy (perhaps
using the community liaisons) to all Wikimedia projects where there are
oversighted edits. When the extension was in use, it was broadly and publicly
advertised as "permanent removal", and aside from a brief hint that maybe there
might be some way to switch things over, nothing happened for the five years
after suppression/revision deletion was activated, so this change is not in any
way expected by the various communities that will be affected. I don't know how
many projects have oversighted edits, or how many there are in total (English
Wikipedia has about 20,000), but many of the users whose personal information
was oversighted back in the day are still active, and there is good reason to
anticipate some negative reaction if there isn't solid communication in

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