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We've chosen our first deployment to English Wikipedia with care. The reason
Flow is only going live on the 2 discussion pages in question
(Wikipedia_talk:Wikiproject_Breakfast and Wikipedia_talk:Wikiproject_Hampshire)
is that those pages have zero bot activity, and relatively light human traffic,
for that matter, skewing largely power user (e.g. no clueless n00bs who need to
get smacked around by Cluebot). In my capacity as product owner, I felt
completely comfortable deploying a beta trial of experimental software with an
incomplete API to two pages where an API wouldn't be critically necessary for
vital workflows, with the understanding that the next step after this
deployment would be to reach out to bot operators, invite them to test
aggressively on a developer test page, and work with them to make the API
fulfill their needs. I apologize for not communicating all of this to you
explicitly sooner; frankly, it was hard for me to ascertain whether this
particular bug was more or less high-priority than your critiques of our use of
whitespace. In the future, let's not rely on passive Bugzilla communication
around things you feel are serious blockers; let's just talk to each other
directly -- I don't bite :)

I understand that your priorities as a platform engineer fall toward making
sure our API is robust and well-documented. But please keep in mind that this
project also involves significant design and UI components that are just as
critical to the success of the overall mission (to replace talk pages entirely
and create more universally-usable, stable software tools for all the processes
they support). Putting Flow out there on a couple of real discussion spaces is
the only way we're going to be able to get actionable feedback on the design
and UI side. The sooner we start receiving this kind of feedback, the sooner we
can prioritize our work on all the outstanding bugs, enhancements and feature
requests, so we get the right features to the right users at the right time.

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