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> What's the rush? If someone clicks a red link and then tries to create an
> article on mobile and has a bad experience will that user ever try creating
> one again?

If there's any rush, it's to restore behavior that's existed since the dawn of
Wikipedia. :-)  Red links are a pretty crucial part of the site interface.

The user experience that you've implemented in MobileFrontend doesn't allow the
user to create a draft article at all. Red links are munged into black text. If
you want to discuss first impressions, let's discuss implementing a mobile site
that pretends as though user registration is a hard requirement and that
creates the illusion that incompleteness (i.e., red links) are a scourge?

> I really would challenge us to think outside the box here. First experiences
> are sooooo important yet we seem to forget this in this piece of software.

This isn't about thinking outside of the box, in my opinion. It's about having
sensible behavior on mobile. I'm pretty sure everyone here agrees that the red
link stripping is bad ("very crude") and anti-wiki. So... why not kill it?

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