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> If there's any rush, it's to restore behavior that's existed since the dawn
> of
> Wikipedia. :-)  Red links are a pretty crucial part of the site interface.
> The user experience that you've implemented in MobileFrontend doesn't allow
> the
> user to create a draft article at all. Red links are munged into black text.
> If
> you want to discuss first impressions, let's discuss implementing a mobile
> site
> that pretends as though user registration is a hard requirement and that
> creates the illusion that incompleteness (i.e., red links) are a scourge?

Lack of anonymous editing and red links is _temporary thing_ not a permanent
design choice. You're right that it sucks that we don't have redlinks, because
it does make an impression on readers that we're not the encyclopedia anyone
can edit. 

We are most definitely going to add anonymous editing and article creation
workflows to mobile. The question is not "Should we?", it's "When and how?" We
don't have a choice, considering how much of our registrations and traffic is
being driven by mobile. It's more and more all the time. 

However, Jon is the voice of reason here when he says that we need to figure
out a good experience for mobile. Just enabling red links and calling it a day
is not good enough. Please trust me when I say that everyone here wants mobile
to have red links as much as you do. Let's help the mobile team figure how to
do it right, not bicker about timelines. 

I say we should move this discussion to, and start
proposing/discussing specifications to implement. Having design discussions on
Bugzilla about the interface copy and workflows really stinks. Perhaps on a
subpage of ?

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