--- Comment #26 from Quim Gil <> ---
This is another report where a MediaWiki functionality (in this case
MobileFrontend functionality) is conditioned by a Wikimedia-specific situation.
Quick reverts for page creation and the Drafts namespace are factors that most
MobileFrontend users don't need to consider.

Is it worth detaching both use cases (Wikimedia, rest of MediaWiki)? If a
configuration would exist in MobileFrontend allowing sysadmins to
enable/disable red links, then each site would be able to choose their
preferred setup at any point. Wikis welcoming any input (the big majority)
would be happy with this, while sites with special needs like could
still work on additional steps if needed.

Such configuration is probably a good idea anyway, since it might be that
mobile page creation doesn't make much sense for some sites. It might be also
useful to deploy this feature with a quick way to step back if some kind of
problem arises.

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