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> I suggest solutions:
>  - Allow the upload from third party servers. So people uploading a video can
> upload it to a local server, then give the url to wikimedia. There the
> wikimedia server can put the download in a queue, download at maybe very slow
> rate.
>  - Allow the upload with a custom protocol. Maybe a java plugin could
> implement
> a upload mechanism for videos using a conexion that can survive low bandwith
> /
> high errors conditions?.
> The general idea is "browsers suck for uploading large files".

We haven't had any [already requested by Andre Klapper] input on chunked
uploads yet. Until we put heavy artillery like client-side Java on the
battlefield, let's wait for folks from Hong Kong to check out chunked method

To users facing the issue and willing to test the feature: go to your settings
on Commons, pick the Upload Wizard tub, and enable "Chunked uploads for files
over 1MB in Upload Wizard". Then try to upload a large file and tell us how did
it go.

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