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Tinet/GTT is our transit and Hong Kong to Ashburn is definitely not 150ms (it's
160ms+ from HK to the west coast + 70ms coast-to-coast). In fact, if you do an
On-net ping from PCCW's lg from HKG to ASH you get 224ms, not that different at
all. The path from PCCW to eqiad is suboptimal, though, since we peer directly
with PCCW there, so they're probably filtering by mistake (the outbound path is
correct and going directly, though). I'll ask them.

This matters very little though, since I switched HK to ulsfo now, and we don't
peer with PCCW there (since we can't -- they're not present in PAIX). We have
two equivalent AS paths to PCCW from/to ulsfo and TiNet wins, and while I could
traffic engineer it to go via NTT, I'd rather not, unless we have confirmed
there's an issue and this would help. So far I have zero indications suggesting
that, we're not even sure if the users having issues connect via PCCW.

So, again, I'd like traceroutes from users that *actually* experience an issue,
not just traceroute from large carriers' looking glasses. These are not very
useful for the purpose of this bug report.

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