--- Comment #22 from Faidon Liambotis <> ---
Pavel, thanks a lot for going through the trouble of collecting data via
looking glasses, although I'd personally be more interested to get traceroutes
from users that experience the issues. I doubt PCCW's backbone has bandwidth
troubles with us.

HK wasn't pointed to ulsfo due to lack of data from probes there, but it makes
sense from a geographical/network sense, so I just did that.

That being said, I don't expect huge differences in bandwidth, as the path was
going via our carriers to Hong Kong, which I doubt that are going to be
congested (i.e. if it enter's NTT's network in HK, it doesn't matter if it ends
up to our eqiad or ulsfo node, from a bandwidth perspective).

Oh, and finally, the third traceroute you sent was actually from Amsterdam --
first hop is "ams", plus 84ms from HK to Ashburn is 2-3 times the speed of
light or something :)

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