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> Pavel, thanks a lot for going through the trouble of collecting data via
> looking glasses, although I'd personally be more interested to get
> traceroutes
> from users that experience the issues. I doubt PCCW's backbone has bandwidth
> troubles with us.

Yes, they can adjust priority for traffic coming from different consumers, but
that would imply issues had Hong Kong only a couple of 1Gb links to the West
Coast. :)

> Oh, and finally, the third traceroute you sent was actually from Amsterdam --
> first hop is "ams", plus 84ms from HK to Ashburn is 2-3 times the speed of
> light or something :)

Yeah, sorry, my bad.
3 ( 4 msec 0 msec 4 msec
4 ( 232 msec 232 msec 236 msec

Here's a part of a proper trace from PCCW. Nothing special at first glance: it
moors to Seattle, although they route traffic through Tinet SpA, and it takes
quite a large amount of time (~230ms vs standard ~150ms). If you look at their
backbone network map, you can see that Tinet doesn't have submarine links
coming from Asia directly to Washington - they're all terminated in California.
I don't know why they make it this way, could their maps be just outdated :)
Their ping result a half more than normal is not okay though.

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