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My recommendation here is to:

* set this feature up on a beta wiki for poking and testing;

* find someone to audit and improve the code, particularly with regard to
support for file description pages (i.e., /wiki/File:Foo.png); and

* open a discussion with the Wikimedia Commons community about whether there
would be any objection to enabling the TwitterCards extension.

Perhaps not in that order, depending on the level of technical investment
you're willing to make for an uncertain outcome.

I'm proposing this series of steps because there's an open request from Commons
at bug 61487 and the Commoners are notoriously more mellow than, say, English


I continue to think that implementing a more generic approach to
programmatically transferring metadata from our content would be dramatically
wiser (e.g., implementing generic meta elements or looking into Daniel F.'s
suggestion about ARIA labels). However, as noted in this bug report, adding
Twitter-specific meta elements, even to MediaWiki core, isn't really
particularly egregious, in my opinion. Especially in comparison to other
vendor-specific code we have.

I'll stay neutral on whether to enable the TwitterCards extension on Wikimedia
wikis; it personally feels icky, but whatever. Anyone interested in seeing the
TwitterCards extension enabled on a Wikimedia wiki should check with a few
Wikimedia communities to see if this neutrality is shared. As also noted in
this bug report, there's general opposition to catering to sites such as
Twitter on some Wikimedia wikis, while other Wikimedia wikis such as the
English Wikinews include share icons and are more receptive to social media

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