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(In reply to Aalekh Nigam from comment #8)
> 1)As Amgine raised his concern about need to add " add quality monitoring to
> any other captcha method" , I suggest you to please have a look at the Image
> Indexing System i described in my proposal:
> GSoC_proposal_2014#Image_Indexing_System as a key part of the project this
> indexing system will be designed to improve overtime, and will remove the
> images that are not globally recognizable (multilingual) or are
> irrelevant.This image indexing system will downrate the images which the
> user's reload(while reloading captcha).

The method described there - when images are reloaded the images are downrated
- may not be a good model. Bots which are attempting to break through may
reload images continuously in order to capture your entire pool of images. They
may also reload several times sequentially in hopes of retrieving an image they
'know' before making a random guess.

It would be preferable to discover if a user trying to pass a captcha and
failing, succeeds on a second attempt. If the user succeeds on a second
attempt, the previous incorrect choice should be downrated. This model is
preferred because the success on the second attempt proves the user is a human,
which means the failed first attempt was by a human indicating that previous
captcha was difficult for a human to solve.

Over time this should result in captchas known to be difficult for humans to
solve being downrated out of the pool.

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