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Two points to mention :

1)There has been edit made in making category unrelated which is mentioned

""In order to make categories unrelated we can make super-set of the categories
for example:-> there could be categories of artist,astronauts can be
categorized under the Super Category of humans, similarly collection of an
array can be made comprising of unrelated categories such as “people”,
“animals”, “machines" etc...,moreover this array of unrelated categories can be
modified by administrators of Wiki's to add more categories according to his

2)A point was made by mentor regarding user experience while using "odd one out
question" ,it was proposed to use 2 odd options out of 8 given but using two
option can prove problem for users to determine the odd option, hence i would
like propose the use of only one odd option out off eight options provided in
question ,i request all members to give their feedback regarding it.

In addition url obfuscation can be made in order to make url un-retrievable
from source, also use of apertium as described in the proposal can be
substituted by use of translate wiki.

Thank You

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