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Very brief, as I am heading to sleep; I will answer more completely tomorrow:

(In reply to Aalekh Nigam from comment #8)
> 4)
> >As a reminder, we've talked a lot about non-text captchas above, but the 
> >text >captcha solutions can be still considered:
> >* wikicaptcha with Wikisource OCR (bug 32695) could do as well as reCAPTCHA 
> >>which according to Burzstein et al. was broken but still 24 times less than 
> >>Wikimedia's (fancy)captcha;
> >* "just" making a few hundreds language-specific dictionaries and improving 
> >the >text images generation to be more similar to Google's (as per same 
> >Burzstein et >al.) would improve fancycaptcha dramatically and solve bug 
> >5309 for Wikimedia >at least.
> Earlier did analyzed the project from the text captcha point of view, but
> found following Cons with it:
> *)It provides almost the same solution as ReCaptcha which is currently 24%
> times easily breakable.

There are additional problems with ReCaptcha as noted in comment #2, which
Fancy Captcha obviates.

> *)Words used are mostly English and latin hence not multilingual.

I am currently working on parsing wiktionary dumps by language. The estimated
term pool will be > 20 million in 1300+ languages; not all of these will be
useful as some are not represented by scripts (e.g. American Sign Language) and
others are not represented in easily available fonts (e.g. Bhasa dialects).

> *)Provides the same user experience as provided by recpatcha, hence not user
> friendly.

Strongly agree. However, it is popular amongst WMF devs.

> *)I thought it as much of replacement of ReCaptcha, but it does not offers
> solution to an effective captcha.

Keep in mind that tools to solve text-based captcha are focused on solving
ReCaptcha; other distortion models are as easily solved in theory but in
practice are not.

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