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Hello, First of all thank you nemo_bis and Amgine for your points it helped me
draft various solutions for the project.

1)As Amgine raised his concern about need to add " add quality monitoring to
any other captcha method" , I suggest you to please have a look at the Image
Indexing System i described in my proposal:
as a key part of the project this indexing system will be designed to improve
overtime, and will remove the images that are not globally recognizable
(multilingual) or are irrelevant.This image indexing system will downrate the
images which the user's reload(while reloading captcha).

2)I have enhanced the approach of " annotations type captcha " to help us build
indexes for images, now as an advantage we can use these indexes to build
questions for captcha without using effect's on images , these questions can
hence be solved easily by Visually Impaired user's .A more detailed explanation
of this enhancement is shown here:

> For the 'odd one out' style, consider a text such as "Select the [category]" 
> >or "Select all that are not [category]". The category will almost always be 
> a >plural noun, which makes the message more easily translated. The message 
> >"Select the images that is different in this group" is ambiguous, unless 
> there >is only one image which is different.

My idea for selecting "odd one out question's" is to present user with 2
options of images which are different from the group, hence it won't be a
difficulty for users to determine 2-odd images out from the group.

>As a reminder, we've talked a lot about non-text captchas above, but the text 
>>captcha solutions can be still considered:
>* wikicaptcha with Wikisource OCR (bug 32695) could do as well as reCAPTCHA 
>>which according to Burzstein et al. was broken but still 24 times less than 
>>Wikimedia's (fancy)captcha;
>* "just" making a few hundreds language-specific dictionaries and improving 
>the >text images generation to be more similar to Google's (as per same 
>Burzstein et >al.) would improve fancycaptcha dramatically and solve bug 5309 
>for Wikimedia >at least.

Earlier did analyzed the project from the text captcha point of view, but found
following Cons with it:

*)It provides almost the same solution as ReCaptcha which is currently 24%
times easily breakable.
*)Words used are mostly English and latin hence not multilingual.
*)Provides the same user experience as provided by recpatcha, hence not user
*)I thought it as much of replacement of ReCaptcha, but it does not offers
solution to an effective captcha.

5)I also did considered a Solution for Visually Impaired/Blind users but after
various advices by community members, I postponded the idea to be developed in
later phase. the idea i presented is mentoined

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