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Plans for the ultimate solution are being discussed at bug 62960.

In the meanwhile, as workaround, we're testing making images in all languages
with words taken from Wiktionary. For technical details please read and comment
You can see samples at

In my testing the images seem rather good, mainly depending on the availability
of a good font. DejaVu is a well known high quality font covering most
languages and DejaVuSans-Bold seems to work well for the languages it covers:

* We still have to handle RTL languages. Results probably don't make any sense
* We've not yet made the blacklist multilingual but it's not too hard, ignore
the bad words if any.
* We still have to figure out how to exclude confusable words. It's not
impossible, there is a Unicode library for that (but not for python perhaps).
See bug 63216.
* Of 165 languages for which Amgine gave me "big" dictionaries, 20 were not in
DejaVu and for 10 I used FreeSerif instead. Those are lower quality. We may end
up using [[mw:ULS]] font repo with some hacks, if many languages need it; or we
could just skip them: I wonder if a captcha in e.g. Gujarati or Japanese will
ever make sense.
* Security fixes demanded by
will be in a separate patch. They're several small things that someone familiar
with PIL can do easily enough in the existing code. One of them is "printing"
each letter separately with some aspect variations, which may solve some
problems with ligatures too.

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