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> Tofu is because of things like [[wikt:裘]] and [[wikt:意見]] being in the
> dictionary. As with Malayalam issues reported on mailing list, I'm unsure
> how to handle such "extraneous" "words" for all languages; though in this
> and the Serbian's case we could "just" check the dictionary is in the main
> language's script (if we know the language code...).

Yep, that’s what’s required for Vietnamese then.

> About vi, I was reading earlier this morning on Gentium: «version of the
> font with redesigned diacritics (flatter ones) to make it more suitable for
> use with stacking diacritics, and for languages such as Vietnamese».
> <
> php?item_id=Gentium_faq&_sc=1#5d25a5da>
> How many languages have such complex diacritics and is there some generic
> enough font?

Among Latin alphabets that we’ll be displaying, Vietnamese is a bit of a
special case for stacking diacritics. GentiumAlt’s flatter diacritics allow it
to fit Vietnamese on a standard-height line at the cost of some legibility. If
anything, we need more exaggerated diacritics that can survive the distortions.

> I doubt we can exclude words with diacritics, we'd only have
> 500 left out of thousands in vi's case.

Right, the whole point of this exercise is to include the diacritics. :-)

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